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Help Your Older Dog’s Quality of Life with Turmeric

Jul 14, 2018

Help Your Older Dog’s Quality of Life with Turmeric

We love our animals. As man’s best friend, many of us consider dogs as defacto family members. When we experience pain, we try to take care of the situation by going to the doctor and doing our best to fix the problem, or take supplements to fix the root cause of the problem or at least alleviate the symptoms. Dogs have some of our same problems as they age, including arthritis and joint pain, memory issues and dementia, blood clots, irritable bowel disease, cancer and more. Fortunately, just like us, a dog’s diet can make a big difference in their quality of life and can help them in many areas.

Turmeric’s Amazing Qualities Against Inflammation

Turmeric has a lot of great qualities, a lot of them coming from its high concentration of Curcumin. One of its very strong qualities how it fights against inflammation. As dogs age, most of them get arthritis, which seriously reduces their quality of life, as dogs literally need to move around to do everything. Studies have shown, though, that dogs can benefit from Turmeric, just as we do! And, as dogs’ guts are very efficient, they can get a heck of a lot of benefit! Your canine friend will have less inflammation, leading to quicker, more fluid and pain-free movement.

Turmeric Against Memory Issues

Turmeric has been shown to be good at helping with memory issues. This is also true for dogs! As they age, many dogs experience memory issues or even dementia, and dogs taking turmeric have been shown to have better memories, sometimes even showing some reversal of their memory issues. This is great for those who want their companions to be with them both physically AND mentally.

Thin that Blood

When dogs’ systems try to get rid of excess cholesterol, they sometimes form blood clots. This can be very painful or even fatal for dogs, just as it can be for humans. Smaller clots can lead to heart issues, strokes, or other embolisms. Curcumin is a blood thinner, and it can be of great help in reducing those clots, which can really be a boon in reducing pain and reducing the chances of serious problems.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

One of the worst things that can happen to both dogs and their families is irritable bowel syndrome. It tends to happen with age, and if it’s an indoor dog, the messes are stressful to both canine and human alike. Turmeric can help settle the bowels, and also aid in digestion, as it is known to help break down dietary fats. As dogs need at least a twenty percent fat diet, this can go a long way to helping ease their systems. It will also help them absorb other nutrients which may otherwise pass through, further increasing their overall health.

Cancer Fighting Properties

Antioxidants fight cancer. There are more and more studies which are proving this as fact. Another of the properties of Turmeric is that it is an antioxidant, and this could help in the fight against canine cancer. In any case, taking it preventatively cant hurt, either!

How Can I Administer it?

There are accepted doses when feeding animals Turmeric. The rule of thumb is basically one eighth to one-quarter teaspoon of Turmeric per ten pounds of your pal’s body weight per day. Some dogs can take more, some less. There are potential side effects to look out for, which will tell you how much you can give them.

Possible Side Effects of Too Much Turmeric

Your canine companion could experience nausea if too much is given too quickly, and could get constipated. You need to give Turmeric with lots of water. Dogs that get kidney stones should not take Turmeric, as it could exacerbate the problem. If your dog takes an acid indigestion pill, it could interact with that negatively and cause nausea and digestive tract problems. Also, it’s probably not a good idea to give a dog aspirin and Turmeric at the same time.

A Better Way

There is a better way to administer the Turmeric you want to feed your dog. By giving them a soft gelcap, mixed in with their food, you can get them to take it easily. Also, there are usually great additives with the Turmeric, like BioPerine,which can help bioabsorption by up to two thousand percent. One of these pills a day could take care of all of your dogs’ Turmeric needs, without overloading their system and having side effects.

Protect Your Pal

It’s never too early to start your dog on supplements, and with Turmeric, you may stave off multiple terrible conditions that come with the age of a dog. Don’t forget yourself as well! Turmeric works wonders in humans AND dogs. So help out your friend and yourself at the same time with this amazing supplement!

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