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Is VR the future of working out?

Apr 27, 2022

Is VR the future of working out?

When you think of working out, what comes to mind? Do you envision an invigorating outdoor run or a sweaty aerobics session at your local gym? You probably don’t envision wearing special headgear and limiting your workout to a 9-foot area in your basement.

Though it may sound strange, that final scenario is familiar to many people and will inevitably become familiar to many more. It’s called virtual reality, and though it started out as a way to play games and immerse viewers in a world of 3D movies, it has morphed into a fun and unique way to exercise. Here’s what you should know about VR and whether or not it is slated to become the future way of working out.

How VR Works

Virtual reality is a simulated experience that can be completely different from the world you’re used to. It can also simulate real-world experiences. To become immersed in your chosen virtual reality game or workout, you put on a headset that features VR Technology. The screen is literally inches from your eyes and transports you instantly to a VR world or scene.

Typically, handheld devices are also included with VR headsets. These handheld devices keep track of your hand movements and allow you to navigate in the VR world. When you’re using VR, you’re limited to the available space in the room you’re in. Some people may only have small areas to work with while others may have more space to move around.

Could VR Be the Solution for Your Workouts?

While there are some limitations to VR workouts (there aren’t currently many workouts to choose from and your movements are limited), some experts predict that VR is going to take the fitness world by storm.

Some of the benefits of using VR to work out include:

  • No need to travel to a gym
  • You can save time on your workouts by cutting out traveling time to and from your workout location
  • You don’t have to dress up or get ready for your workout since no one else will see you
  • Your workouts can feel more like fun and games
  • You can work muscles you might not be used to focusing on

Even VR games that aren’t technically considered workouts can boost your physical fitness and heart rate. Boxing games, first-person shooter games and dancing games can all provide you with a moderate to vigorous intensity workout.

Potential Drawbacks to VR Workouts

One of the main drawbacks of VR workouts is that there is not much information about long-term eye safety. It stands to reason that prolonged exposure to a vivid screen that’s inches from your eyes could lead to eye damage in the worst-case scenario and eye fatigue in the best-case scenario.

Since so little is known about the potential long-term vision effects VR technology can have, it’s best to stick to workout sessions of 45 minutes or less. When you first get started with VR, you may want to make your sessions even shorter than that while your eyes adjust to the new technology.

Changes to VR Workouts Going Forward

Even though there are not many games specifically designed for fitness, that is predicted to change. In the future, as the demand for VR workouts grows, you are likely to see more fitness games developed. These games could be ideal for people who don’t have the confidence to work out at a gym or who simply don’t enjoy traditional forms of exercise.

If you’ve been looking for ways to make your workouts more fun and exciting, VR may be the answer. Though there’s still a lot of controversy regarding whether VR workouts will overtake traditional workouts going forward, there is no denying VR workouts can be enormously engaging and enjoyable.

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