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My Thoughts on Appetite Suppressors

Mar 30, 2021

My Thoughts on Appetite Suppressors

We see all the latest and greatest claims for miracle pills that cut our appetite. Then there are the miracle pills that tell us we can burn fat while we sleep. We all want these claims to be true. As a nation, we spend billions of dollars each year on these products.

Can we sit down and be brutally honest for this brief article? Stop all the loud advertisements on our television and mute the latest celebrity telling us how they lost 30 pounds in 6 days using some miracle product.

There are simple physiologic laws that all living organisms follow. Being humans, we try to find shortcuts and try to take the easy route. Please listen – there are no shortcuts and there are no easy routes. The bottom line is this: to lose weight we have to eat fewer calories than we take in. We have to eat foods that are nutritionally complete and give our bodies the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep us alive. High quality supplements can help in this regard when combined with good foods. However, there is nothing that takes the place of good nutrition and balanced intake of lean protein, vegetables and fruits.

But what about appetite suppressors? Can’t we curb our desire to eat bad foods by taking more bad pills? I’m trying to be nice here.

I need to make this short and not sweet. Appetite suppressors, ANY appetite suppressors, should be avoided, no matter what. The reason is very clear – whether an appetite suppressor works or not is not what is important. The key factor to keep in mind is that sooner or later we have to stop eating the pills. Our bodies will figure out the appetite suppressor is not good for us. Our bodies are quite intelligent.

When our body figures out we are not getting adequate nutrition, due to taking appetite suppressors, we will start getting signals from our brain to eat more food. This is a simple survival mechanism that kicks in when we are malnourished. To get any ongoing suppression of our appetite we will have to take more and more of the dangerous pills. We get into a vicious cycle that is not positive for our health in any form.

Please, avoid appetite suppressors, period. No matter which celebrity is promoting them and no matter what they promise, they are not good for you. Let’s just leave it at that.

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