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What are the Best Exercises for Burning Fat?

Apr 27, 2021

What are the Best Exercises for Burning Fat?

After 36 years of helping patients lose weight, I’m fairly certain I’ve heard every way of losing weight. I’ve seen diet fads come and go and every miracle pill ever produced. There are the celebrity endorsed products and the powders that are supposed to burn your fat while you sleep.

One of the most effective methods to truly burn fat is to move. Get off the couch, get out of our chair and get moving. How much we move, how fast we move and how long we move will be determined by our fitness level. Of course, starting slow at a lower intensity level and working our way up as our fitness improves is the best method. No matter our fitness level, the best time to start is right now, and the best time to do it is every day.

Keep in mind, exercising at low to moderate intensities will burn the most fat. This is especially true for someone just beginning an exercise program. If the intensity moves above a moderate level the body will switch to burning carbohydrates and not burn as much fat. However, as we become more conditioned to exercise, we can up the intensity and continue to burn fat as our predominant source of energy.

Exercising brings about wonderful changes to our metabolism, our emotional well-being and our overall outlook on life. Here are some of my favorite ways to exercise and burn fat:

  1. Walking – still the best activity for burning fat is getting up and going for a walk. This is a great way to burn fat and not put undue stress on joints, ligaments and support structures. Start at a pace where we can continue a conversation without difficulty. As we become more conditioned, the pace can be accelerated and the distance increased.
  2. Swimming – another great way to exercise that puts very little stress on joints and support structures. Often, people that have difficulty with other forms of exercise can do workouts in water without aggravating long-standing injuries.
  3. Riding a bike or doing a spin class – continuing the theme of exercises that don’t put wear and tear on our bodies, cycling and spinning are great activities. From an aerobic standpoint, it is hard to beat a good bike ride. Going to spin classes at a local gym can be invigorating as well as inspirational when we see others working right along side of us.
  4. Rowing - works our entire body - glutes, hamstrings, back, core, hips, and arms. It’s great for strengthening your posterior chain, a.k.a., the back of your body. Since it lights up all of our muscles, rowing gets our heart pumping and supports muscle-building. The result: Rowing can help us shed body fat and rev the metabolism.
  5. Climbing stairs - If sprinting up stairs just doesn't appeal (or sounds like a banged shin just waiting to happen), we can walk up flights of stairs and still burn the calories necessary to support weight loss. Stairs burn a ton of calories and work our legs and hips, which are muscles that really need to be strengthened after sitting all day. In addition to promoting fat loss, stair-climbing can help lower cholesterol and boost our anaerobic fitness.
These are five of the best methods to burn fat and promote cardio-vascular fitness. There are an unlimited number of ways to burn fat and have fun doing it. One of the keys to successful fat burning activities is to find something that we enjoy doing. Getting out and moving with friends or loved ones is another way to be sure we continue making the time to exercise and challenge ourselves.

Be Blessed.

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