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Where Does Fat Go?

Jun 7, 2022

Where Does Fat Go?

Have you ever wondered where fat goes when we "burn it off”? What happens to the fat? It's actually pretty amazing what our body does, let me explain.

When we eat food, our body uses the food to create energy. The better the nutrition in the food the higher the energy production. This is why our Mom’s always encourage us to eat good food.

When we eat more food than our body needs, the extra energy is stored as fat. You could call it our energy savings account. Unfortunately, some people have developed large energy savings accounts.

As long as we take in more fuel than we actually burn for energy, our body will continue to store more and more fat. This is a simple equation that cannot be changed, unless we change our habits.

The good news is our body can take that fat and burn it for energy if the need arises. So, what happens when the fat is burned? Our body can burn fat and rapidly convert it to energy. The by-products of burning fat for energy are water and carbon dioxide.

Let’s outline the steps:

  1. Food that we eat is converted to fuel for our body to burn as energy
  2. Fuel that is not needed right away is converted to fat and stored
  3. Fat will continue to be stored if we consume more food than we can use right away
  4. By making changes to our habits our body will burn fat and convert it back into energy
  5. Burning fat releases tremendous amounts of energy so we feel great and the positive by-products are water and carbon dioxide.

If you wonder what happens to the water and carbon dioxide, we breath it out, sweat it out and pee it out!

How cool is that? Sometimes we hear about people losing “water weight”. Some of that water weight will actually be from the burning of fat for energy.

One of the keys in life is to have our bank accounts balanced. Now we know a little more about keeping our energy savings account balanced as well. If our energy savings account balance gets too high, we just have to burn some fat. Be Blessed.

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