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Why HIIT Workouts Are Literally the Best

Dec 30, 2021

Why HIIT Workouts Are Literally the Best

High-intensity interval training combines short but intense bursts of exercise with brief cool-off periods. For example, you could ride a stationary bike for 30 seconds as fast and hard as possible, then follow up with a few minutes of calm cycling. Each session involves about four to six of these alternating reps. The benefits of HIIT workouts are impossible to ignore.

1. Fantastic for Weight Loss

HIIT is phenomenal for slimming your waistline in a hurry. According to one study, this type of exercise burns 25–30% more calories than other workouts. It packs a ton of physical activity into a smaller window, maximizing your benefits when you hit the mat.

You will love the feeling you get after an intense workout. You can feel your blood pumping and your muscles burning. The sense of accomplishment is great for your self-esteem, too.

2. Energizing

The amazing thing about HIIT is that you don’t just see the benefits while you’re exercising. This type of physical activity has been shown to keep your metabolism running hot for hours after you finish your workout.

If you exercise in the morning before work, HIIT has incredible benefits for your energy levels, mood and fat burning. It flips a switch that tells your body to use fat for energy instead of sugar. With that switch flipped, even when you’re sitting at your desk, you’re losing weight.

An active metabolism also helps your brain, boosting your mental performance, memory and concentration. Plus, exercise is good for your mood, increasing happiness and decreasing stress levels.

3. Perfect for a Busy Schedule

One of the main reasons to love HIIT is that it’s an easy way to stay active. It’s lightning-fast and very effective. You only need 10 to 30 minutes to burn calories like crazy.

If you only have 15 minutes to spare a day, that’s fine! You won’t believe how much weight you can lose just with those 15 minutes thanks to HIIT.

4. Available Anywhere

You may love dance classes for exercise, but it’s a big hassle to get in the car, drive to the gym and change clothes every time you want to work out. That’s a lot of wasted time on the road.

On the other hand, you can get your HIIT party started in a couple of minutes. You don’t need a gym membership. Just slip on your exercise clothes, put your mat on the floor and start burning calories immediately.

5. Great for Your Heart

Before HIIT was a thing, people who wanted to work out had to choose between cardio exercises and muscle building. Cardio increases your heart rate and strengthens your heart muscle, but it’s not that great for losing weight. Strength training burns fat, but it doesn’t accelerate your heart that much.

HIIT combines the best of both worlds. You're building muscle, burning calories and putting your heart through a solid workout simultaneously. Now for the benefits: Studies show that HIIT can lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar and improve your body’s aerobic performance.

Better Together

Natural foods are what your body needs for nutrition. When you add physical activity to the mix, you get an amazing combination for your health. Thanks to easy-to-use superfoods and HIIT workouts, you can stay in great shape even if your schedule is pretty tight.

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