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Why You Should Give Water Workouts a Try This Summer

Jun 22, 2023

Why You Should Give Water Workouts a Try This Summer

The country is experiencing hotter than usual temperatures. With the excessive heat, working out is likely not on your mind.

Even if you want to give in to temptation and skip the exercise, you know that is not in your best interest. Experts recommend a minimum of 30-minutes of aerobic exercise per day for adults, and children need 60-minutes.

Thankfully, there are ways to get your workouts in without subjecting yourself to the heat. Physiologists suggest pool exercises are effective and keep you cool in the summer. The best part about water aerobics and other activities is they are low impact, so they are suitable for everyone, including senior citizens.

Unique Benefits of Pool Exercises

Many people don't realize that working out in the pool can offer more challenges. Water is more resistant than air, meaning some exercises, such as walking, are more of a workout in the water than on land. You can increase resistance and strength training by adding ankle or wrist weights.

Because of increased resistance, pool exercises engage more muscles and burn more calories in less time. A simple cardio workout like walking combines endurance, strength, and flexibility when done in the water.

While water provides increased resistance, it also provides support because of its buoyancy. You will probably feel more capable of pushing yourself because the water provides a natural cushion for the joints and muscles.

Equipment for Pool Workouts

You can find many free and low-cost aquatic classes at local fitness centers. Unfortunately, many avoid such courses because they feel unprepared for the workout.

Aquatic exercise does not require much in the way of preparation. All you need is a towel, goggles, and swim cap (if you want to get fancy).

If you exercise alone or want to increase the challenge of specific exercises, you can invest in equipment. Some equipment to consider includes:

  • Wrist and ankle weights
  • Resistance gloves or hand paddles
  • Buoyancy belt
  • Foam dumbbells
  • Kickboard

Aquatic exercise is low cost, which is why it's popular. You can buy any of the above equipment for well under the price of standard exercise equipment, like treadmills or ellipticals.

Types of Water Exercises

Many aerobic exercises you perform on dry land, you can also perform in the water, such as walking. The beauty is the activities are often more effective and safer because of resistance and buoyancy.

If you start walking, begin in shallow water, about waist height. Keep your arms at your sides, lengthen your spine, and put pressure on your heels first, transitioning to your toes. While tempting, do not walk on your tippy toes. Walk for five to 10 minutes, whatever you can handle.

Another effective exercise is a back wall glide. You want to start off facing and holding onto the pool ledge. Next, bring your knees to your chest and press your feet against the wall. Push off the wall as hard as you can and glide or float as far back as you can. Then, bring your knees back to your chest, push your feet to the bottom of the pool, and run back to the wall. Repeat the exercise for five to 10 minutes.

Finally, leg kicks are another beginner exercise. Hold on to the pool ledge or a kickboard. Allow your body to float and perform scissor kicks and flutter kicks. Alternate between different kick styles for about 10 minutes.

Aquatic exercises are effective and safe. Maintain your exercise routine during the unusual summer heat by taking a dip in the pool.

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